Rose Pink coloured diamond


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Rose Pink coloured diamond

Purples and pinks are some of our most asked for colours but they are the most difficult to achieve.  Very few diamonds have the latent ability to turn pink or purple using HPHT, and even then most of them come in the more purplish shades which are less desirable and worth less than pinks

Our four shades of purple/pink vary from Ice Pink, Rose Pink, Purple Pink to Purple.

Tips on Buying – Pinks & Purples come in a range of shades having undertones of red, orange & brown. These undertones are not desirable and are at best avoided. The scarce availability of Rose Pinks makes them more expensive than the Purples.

Our Stock – Our purple and pink diamonds come in Rounds of between 0.50 ct and 1.75 cts, and they come in a price range of five different qualities. They are rarely found in other fancy shapes. Pink Diamonds come in Rounds, Princess cuts and various special shapes. We carry Rounds from 0.50 cts to 3.50 cts, and Princes’ cuts from 0.50 cts to 2.50 cts. We also carry Pears, Marquises, Ovals, Radiants, Cushions, Asschers & Emerald cuts from 0.50 cts upwards.