Received Your Beautiful Engagement Ring? Melbourne Wedding Planners Ready to Organise Your Special Day

Becoming engaged to the person of your dreams is one of the most emotional moments in your adult life, but organising your wedding can alternatively become one of the most stressful days of your entire lifetime.

While you may think planning your own wedding is a smarter way to go, it’s really not. It can frequently run into chaos planning alone, not including ballooning costs.

With so much to take care of at multiple angles, you really need a wedding planner. Those of you planning a wedding here in Melbourne have a lot of wedding planners available to help out. Take a look at some of the best ones capable of handling weddings of all sizes.

Toko Events

Easy Weddings lists Toko Events as one of the top wedding planners in Melbourne. While they’re far from the only choice, their five-star ratings are major proof of the great work they continue to do.

They focus on bespoke events and give you freedom on how much help you need from them. Whether it’s letting them plan long in advance, or just the day of the wedding, they’re renowned for their customisation.

They’ll discuss budgeting options for those of you looking to save money. Plus, they assist in finding appropriate venues and entertainment.

Most importantly, they’re available the day of the wedding to assure every detail occurs without a hitch. You can feel at ease they’ll be available for you until the minute you leave on your honeymoon.


The Style Company

Another respected wedding planner in Melbourne is The Style Company with their attention to designing and styling. When you want a specific visual theme associated with your wedding, they’re one of the best in creating exactly what you want.

If you visit their website, they remind you it can take up to 250+ hours to plan a wedding. It’s a subtle hint you need someone like them to focus on every detail so you don’t have to.

Their key mission comes from their call to action motto: “Let’s work together.” You won’t find a better wedding planner working with you on details other planners sometimes miss.

They’ll even send you a free info pack to give you an idea of the general wedding design styles they’ve created for others.


Robbie Fincham, Civil Marriage Celebrant

Sometimes you can find individuals who can successfully take on your big wedding. OneFlare lists Robbie Fincham as one of the top-reviewed marriage celebrants in Melbourne.

She’s known for her fresh approach to planning weddings using a contemporary and fun angle. Her goal is to help bring a more personalised wedding style, which includes creating the right words to use when giving your vows.

Fincham has had many hires through OneFlare. Plus, she has 20 five-star reviews to give you an idea of how well she works with people. Many scope out her caring and compassionate nature in the planning process, making her a good choice when you want to work with one individual.


Will & Jac

Once in a while, you’ll find a wedding planning duo rather than just one person or a giant company. Will & Jac is another Melbourne standout thanks to their extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

This foundation helped shape their vision to focus on wedding details and on what makes couples the happiest.

One particular standout service they offer is their ability to work at private locations, basically helping you build a venue from the ground up. When you need something more personal, they’re one of the best choices as project managers.

Actually run by two women named Clare and Catherine, they also offer various wedding packages with specific themes. All of these packages have specialised titles and descriptions so you know what you’re getting. Even so, they’re open to complete wedding customisation.

Seeking advice in the lead up to your big day? Let Melbourne’s best wedding celebrants handle it for you

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