Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Rose Gold & Diamonds: Bespoke Elegance And Romance

The continuing trend of rose gold jewellery is no surprise to those who know their jewellery well. While different trends come and go, rose gold has always had a place in jewellery since as far back as the early 1800s. Its somewhat soft and more feminine appearance lends itself nicely to a wide array of styles and occasions, more so than yellow or white gold. This versatility has allowed it to capture peoples’ attention, again and again, rising into prominence without ever quite fading away.


The Abundant Styles Of Rose Gold

Part of what makes the material so versatile is the range of hues it can be made into. Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of gold and copper. Depending on the ratio between these two metals, the colour can be anything from faintly pink to a deep reddish orange. In combination with diamonds and other gems, this can create an assortment of elegant styles and effects.


Diamonds & Settings That Glimmer

As an engagement ring, rose gold settings make a beautiful arrangement alongside almost any white diamond. Since the rose colour will be picked up by the diamond in question, even lower colour grades will shine as spectacularly as the highest grades in yellow gold. Round cut diamonds work wonderfully in most settings, while princess cut, emerald cut, and Ascher cut work as well within the I through K grade range. Depending on the hue of your chosen settings, you may even find champagne, grey, raw, or rustic coloured diamonds also blend gorgeously into the material. There’s plenty of room to work with and find something spectacular and unique for even the most eclectic of tastes.

When it comes to settings, there are so many styles to choose from it can be difficult to decide on a favourite. Antique styles with floral or filigree designs can look particularly feminine and sweet. More contemporary fashions like two-stone rings and solitaire styles also look lovely with a variety of gems and cuts. Double bands can be particularly glamorous, as can pave or baguette style bands for those whose tastes lay more on the adventurous side of beauty.


Celebs Wearing The Trend

Part of rose gold’s ascent back into the spotlight has come from the number of engagement rings worn by celebrities in recent years. In the world of all-out glamour and high-end fashion, it takes something special to stand out as much as some of these rings have. The marriage proposals of these famous couples have made headlines for their elegance and discriminating tastes.

The union between Peter Evans and Emma Roberts was one such sensation that captured the public’s attention with a timeless round cut rose gold diamond ring. The double halo round cut ring given from Dave Franco to Alison Brie was another piece that made waves for the actor’s exquisite taste. In 2013, Hayden Panettiere, star of the show Heroes, showed off a self-designed ring of emerald-cut six-carat diamond set in rose gold. Even the relationship of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes showcased jewellery still remembered today with a stunning rose gold diamond band in a lovely oval cut.


A Coloured & Bespoke Legacy

While rose gold remains prominent in the world of jewellery, it’s a trend likely to live further than a mere moment or season. The quality and simplicity of its colourful brilliance offer a timeless treasure to stand out well into the future, regardless of the changing tastes of high fashion. The current spotlight offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your own discriminating and refined taste while possessing a piece that can be worn attractively for many years to come.

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