Selling Gold is a Great Way to Make Quick Cash

When cash is tight, you’re hit with an unexpected expense, or you’re trying to generate some savings, selling gold jewellery that you no longer wear can be a quick and easy way to bring in some cash.


There are plenty of times in life that unexpected expenses arise and it’s not always the case that you have cash on hand to take care of things. When money is tight or you’re wondering how to get yourself out of a pickle, you could consider selling some of your old gold jewellery for cash. Or, if you’ve been caught up in the decluttering craze, you may have realised you have some old gold that you’re willing to part with. Selling your unwanted gold jewellery is a clever way to build up a savings account or take the pressure off financially.


Selling your gold to a trusted source is always recommended, that way you’ll be sure that you’re selling your gold jewellery for a fair price. We’ve previously looked at where to sell gold in Melbourne, which gives you some great tips on how to ensure you get the best price for your gold.


When selling gold you should always expect to get cash in hand, which can be very useful in the case you do need cash quickly. Depending on how much gold you have to sell, you may be able to generate enough cash to take care of:


  • Your holiday budget for an upcoming trip
  • An unexpected bill
  • Your car’s major service or breakdown
  • Unexpected dental work
  • Expenses for your kids, like school camp or new clothes
  • Paying off your credit card debt
  • Starting a savings account

Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers (AWBD) use leading industry technology to value your gold and have qualified gemmologists to value any precious stones set into your jewellery. The valuation process is always transparent and fair, you’ll never be pressured to part with your items and they always pay in cash.


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