Shopping for a Ring You Love Without Ruining a Surprise Proposal

You don’t want to step on your groom-to-be’s toes. He’s got a surprise proposal up his sleeve, and you don’t want to ruin his efforts. Still, that doesn’t stop you from wanting to help pick out your own perfect ring. This is a ring that you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so you want it to be perfect! Fortunately, there are several ways you can help choose your own ring without ruining your partner’s dream proposal.

Start the Conversation

Most of the time, proposals aren’t a complete surprise. You and your partner have probably discussed marriage before, and chances are you know the proposal is coming. While you want your partner to know that you will love whatever they pick out, you might want to help guide them in the right direction–and a simple conversation is a great way achieve this. Be sure to drop a few hints on:

  • Your ring size
  • The cut you want in your diamond
  • The metal you want to wear in your wedding and engagement rings
  • The style that most appeals to you
  • Any special considerations (for example, do you need a ring with a low setting or strong metal because of your activity level?)
  • Where he can go for other clues about your ring preferences (your best friend, your Pinterest board, your favourite jeweller)

Keep in mind that your partner may have his own ideas about what your engagement ring should look like. Giving him some guidance may still result in a big surprise–and that’s totally okay! Simply starting the conversation will help guide him in the right direction as he chooses a ring that you will love.

Create a Pinterest Board

Pinterest: the ultimate cheat sheet for clueless friends and loved ones. Creating an “engagement ring” board is a great way to show your partner exactly what you’re looking for, especially if he’s clueless about ring specifics such as the cut and design. Try to narrow your boards down to a handful of your favorite designs so that he’s not overwhelmed!


Try On Rings

Head to your favorite jeweller and try on the rings that are most like the style you’ve always wanted. Get to know the jeweller and strike up a conversation with them. They may be able to set aside or take note of the rings you fall in love with, and will be extra prepared for when your boyfriend comes in to make that special purchase.


Enlist a Friend

Do your best friend and your boyfriend get along reasonably well? If so, this is a great chance to enlist her to help make sure you get the perfect ring. Whether you show her the rings you love or simply trust her taste, sending your best friend ring shopping with your boyfriend is a very clever idea. After all, who knows your sense of style better?


Ring Browse Together

If you know you’re moving towards that big proposal moment, go ring browsing with your boyfriend. Give him a few options for rings that you love, then let him pick out the perfect one. Going shopping together will help you get a better idea of his opinions and ring budget, which means you’ll be more likely to pick out a ring you both love.


The last thing you want is to miss out on that amazing surprise proposal feeling, but you do want to make sure that your ring is perfect. By following these steps, you can enjoy the surprise proposal you’ve always dreamed about and still make sure that the ring you receive is the one you really want.

If you’re waiting for your perfect ring, discuss your endless options with our expert gemmologist, right here in Melbourne!