Sparkle Like Markle: 4 Rings Inspired By The Royal Engagement.

On November 27 Palace officials finally confirmed the news of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle! After a year and a half of dating the only thing we were more excited about than the actual engagement was the diamond engagement ring.

Markle’s sparkling engagement ring is a beautifully set three stone engagement ring. At its centre is a cushion cut diamond, flanked by two more beautiful diamonds. And as if the dazzling ring wasn’t good enough already, there is also a beautiful meaning behind the ring and the diamonds themselves.

The centre cushion cut diamond is from Botswana, where Markle and Harry are both involved in social and environmental charities. And the two outer diamonds are from the late Princess Diana’s personal collection.

The design has already sparked popularity for classic three stone engagement rings. Here we’ve picked a few of our favourite Markle inspired sparkles, bringing the opportunity for a similar design much closer to home with these three stone diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.

Classic 3 Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring.

As the name suggests this beautiful princess cut diamond ring is fit for a princess. And is wonderfully similar to Markle’s diamond engagement ring. With three beautiful diamonds mounted on a single, classic band, you can make it your own in white gold, rose gold or platinum. Hint: To replicate Meghan Markle’s beautiful engagement ring from Prince Harry, choose 18ct yellow gold.

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Classic 3 Stone Princess Cut Diamond with French Pave Set Diamond Band.

Another classic 3 stone princess cut diamond ring but with an added dimension of beauty. The lovely French Pave set diamond band allows the wearer to sparkle even more than Markle, whilst staying true to the same classic style.

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Serenity 3 Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring.

A classic 3 stone princess cut diamond ring with a little twist, an extra diamond placed carefully below the centre diamond. With diamonds flashing in every direction, this  is a beautiful and enduring diamond ring.

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Serenity 3 Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring with Micro pave set band.

With a classic 3 stone formations that looks back to tradition, and a  micro – pave band that looks towards the future.  The ring holds a carefully placed diamond below the centre stone. This glamorous princess cut diamond ring has a sense of attention to detail.

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We’re still in awe of Meghan Markle’s beautifully classic diamond engagement ring. Whilst Markle’s ring was made in England, yours can be made right here in Australia, with each of these diamond rings available in Melbourne. Enjoy all the perks of a royal engagement ring whilst using wholesale diamonds from Australia.