The Best Melbourne Locations to Celebrate at After Receiving Your Engagement Ring

As summer approaches here in Australia, you’re perhaps just coming off the emotional high of becoming engaged. While this might take a while to fully realise what you’re getting into, have you thought about where you’ll celebrate?

Don’t just save the celebration for the time of your wedding. It’s time to go out and celebrate now to have some fun before preparing for the future.

Those of you in Melbourne have many great bars and restaurants to celebrate at, no matter your budget.

Take a look at some of the best available to accommodate any party size.

Vue de Monde

This is one of the supreme restaurants in Melbourne to kick back and celebrate, even if it does cost a little more. It’s a great place to splurge for a one-shot party. They pay homage to classical fine dining, but with a modern twist.

Their tasting menus are in the $200 range, but the dishes served are perfect for a romantic lunch or dinner. The wine list is also diverse, with both Australian and imported wines.

Since Vue de Monde caters to events in the Melbourne area, you’ll have to make reservations well in advance.

28 Skybar Lounge

Going to a cocktail lounge is the perfect setting for a romantic night on the town, especially when you get stunning views of the city. 28 Skybar Lounge does just that. They provide floor to ceiling windows, giving you views as far away as the Dandenong Ranges.

With boutique beers, local wines, and exclusive cocktails, you have all the libations you need to celebrate. At the same time, you have spacious surroundings so you don’t feel claustrophobic.

Rooftop Bar

Despite the simple name, Rooftop Bar gives you another opportunity to enjoy stunning views from the seventh floor of Curtin House on Swanson Street. If the views aren’t quite as spectacular as those from Skybar Lounge, you can definitely enjoy the stars above you on a clear, warm night.

Their unique menu gives you numerous original cocktails with clever names. The same goes with many of their delicious sandwiches and burgers.

Open seven days a week until 1 a.m.,  you can take your pick.

Lui Bar

Known as the “beating heart of Melbourne”, this bar is another giving you a classy setting and wonderful views. Lui Bar is a great alternative if you can’t get into the locations above.

Named after Luigi Grollo, the elegant ambiance in here is worth any time spent. Plus, their diverse wine, champagne, beer, and spirits menu is one of the best in the city. It’s renowned for plenty of libation experimentation, giving you different options for a small cocktail party.

They play live jazz music every Sunday for all you jazz fans.

Madame Brussels

For something out of the ordinary (and more adult), try Madame Brussels on 59 Bourke Street. Known for their slightly naughty events, you can have a good time here with many of the soirees they hold most days.

Their rooftop bar is very popular, as is their fancy food and creative cocktails.

Try their famous Garden Parties on the weekends at $55 per visitor. While many of their events are a little edgy (complete with slightly ribald titles on their menu), this can nearly double as a bachelour or bachelourette party.

Good Heavens

Numerous rooftop bars exist in Melbourne, and they’re really the best places to celebrate to give you open air. Good Heavens is yet another great rooftop bar located on Bourke Street.

In this one, you’ll get an 1980s theme in their cocktails and craft beers. Their wine list is strictly Australian as well, giving you the best flavours of the mainland.

Grab a quick lunch here between noon and 3 p.m. with various popular meat sandwiches. The drink menu is very extensive and may take you time to make a decision.

Any of you who grew up in the ’80s are going to feel right at home here without making you feel old before marrying.


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Not ready to celebrate because you’re yet to find an engagement ring? Book an appointment to find the right ring for your ideal location.