The Most Popular Engagement Ring Of 2017

Every year, thousands of brides-to-be take time to bookmark everything that inspires them for their future wedding, from invitations, dresses, and decorations to engagement rings. 

Arguably one of the most important factors that women consider when thinking about this is of course the ring; it should be absolutely perfect. Nowadays, more and more ladies are turning to Pinterest to make sure that perfection is achieved. In fact, in 2017, a solitaire diamond ring gathered 103,900 saves on the website after it was posted by Sylvia Billone, who had the ring custom-made after pouring over Pinterest to gather ideas – quickly becoming the most popular engagement ring of the year.

Sylvia’s Ring Inspired By Pinterest

Being described as Art Deco in style and 1.22 karats with a two-millimetre-width rose gold band, it’s no wonder why this ring has been so well-liked by the world! Sylvia, who also wears a custom-designed wedding band, hasn’t revealed the price of the ring, but has said she searched Pinterest to get inspiration before having it designed for her, as reported here.

The Popularity Rise Of Pinterest

After hearing this, many women have gone to Pinterest to find a ring like hers, making the already popular site even more full of users. So why is Pinterest so popular to use? It’s simple; with the unique image-based design that makes browsing easy, and over 75 billion ideas to explore, the fact that millions (over 175 million, actually!) of people enjoy the website makes perfect sense. Pinterest is especially popular with women – the endless boards and pins related to fashion, makeup, and of course, weddings keep us involved for hours, pinning everything that we enjoy or inspires us.

Inspiration Comes Easily With Pinterest

Inspiration is one of the huge reasons why going to Pinterest for ideas for your own engagement ring is such a great path to take. With so many different visual representations of what you may have in mind, it’s easy to browse and have your idea of what you want in a ring come to fruition. There are endless photos showcasing various rings of different colour, design, and price that you can use to create your own dream engagement ring exactly how you want it. It’s simpler than ever now to get one custom designed just by taking examples from Pinterest for inspiration!

Why Pinterest Is So Great To Use

Whether you’re looking to get your own ring or you want to drop hints for your boyfriend, Pinterest will be a helpful tool to use for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s incredibly convenient – much more so than in-person ring shopping is. Instead of taking the time to visit several jewellery stores, you can browse hundreds of rings from the comfort of your own home. Secondly, it’s something you can take with you. With Pinterest’s pinning feature, you can pin (essentially post) all the rings you want to your profile where you can easily access it later. Now you can show anyone you need to, whether it’s your boyfriend, your friends, or your custom ring designer at Australian Diamond Brokers. Especially with the use of the app, you really can take it anywhere. And thirdly, it’s completely free. All you have to do is make an account, and that’s it. You have full access.

Go Forth In Your Quest For That Perfect Ring

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a beautiful engagement ring like Sylvia’s, or if you’re a boyfriend wanting the best ring for your future fiance, try giving Pinterest a shot. You’ll be glad you did. And who knows, maybe your custom ring will become the most popular ring of 2018!

Once you’ve got that inspiration or if you want to start creating your very own custom made diamond engagement ring, have a chat with us today at Australian Diamond Brokers.