The World’s Largest Collection of Rare Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds to be Shown in Los Angeles

Diamonds. They’re the stones that have captivated people from a multitude of cultures around the globe for centuries. So for those enchanted by the beauty of diamonds — and especially the rare fancy coloured variety — we’ve got some exciting news to share.

A unique opportunity to view these wonders of nature is available to anybody who’s lucky enough to be in Los Angeles before April 1st this year. Optimum Diamonds, a New York City based diamond house and owner of one of the world’s most coveted collections, has loaned their rare gems to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. This allows the public to view these diamonds in all of their splendour during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition, which is entitled “Green Diamonds: Natural Radiance” will showcase a portion of the company’s extensive collection until April 1st. Optimum’s complete collection not only features these exotic green beauties, but also includes natural red, blue, orange, and Argyle pink diamonds — some of the rarest and most precious diamonds on the Planet! It’s the collection of rare green diamonds that’s particularly impressive, as it’s the largest collection of its kind in the world. On top of this, the green diamonds are something that those outside of the diamond industry rarely have an opportunity to see — ever!

A Bonus Opportunity

Besides the collection of green diamonds, Optimum will also display some extremely rare fancy coloured diamonds that it acquired this past November at the Argyle* Tender:


The Significance of Fancy Colour Diamonds

Considering that most of us are used to seeing clear (colourless) diamonds, it’s odd to think they are actually the rarest diamonds existing in nature. The clearer they are, the more valuable they are, all things being equal. Still, the coloured varieties seem even more rare to the average person, as we simply don’t see that many of them adorning people’s fingers in everyday life!

Of the fancy colour diamonds, the rarest of all is the red variety — which is why it’s a real treat to have the opportunity to see such an exquisite red diamond at the L.A. exhibit. Other rare colours include yellows, pinks, blues, and of course, greens. The deeper the colour, the rarer and more valuable the stone, and the larger moderate-to-deep hued diamonds are the rarest and most valuable of all.

With fancy colour diamonds, intensity of colour is the main determinant of their value, whereas with clear (colourless) diamonds, the determining factors are typically clarity and size. The way fancy colour diamonds are cut can also influence their depth of colour, which is why the very best are entrusted to only the most skilled diamond cutters around. 

Interestingly, as GIA (the leading source of knowledge, standards, and education in gems) points out, many fancy colour diamonds can run the gamut of displaying a mere hint of colour to an unmistakable saturation of colour. If there’s an exception to this rule, it would belong to the realm of blue diamonds, which tend to be more consistent in their colour range than other fancy colour diamonds.

Can’t Make it to L.A.?

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