The Top Seven Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

You’re getting married!! Best wishes and congratulations. Now let’s see the ring.

Aside from your wedding dress, your engagement ring is the ooh-and-aah-getter for any bride to be. And since you wear your ring every day and the dress only once (we hope), you’ll want a ring that’s timeless–traditional because it’s an engagement ring, but a little on-trend, too, since it is something that you will show off.

Top Seven Engagement Ring Trends

There are so many lovely options for a ring it’s going to be hard to choose one, so here are the trends for engagement rings for 2019 and going into 2020 and beyond.


Rose and Yellow Gold

Rose gold, an alloy od 24kt gold, and copper has become quite popular recently. This warm, pinky-gold colour is flattering with almost any skin tone, so don’t overlook those settings when you’re ring shopping. Yellow gold is also making a comeback for engagement rings after white gold and platinum have dominated the bridal market for so long.

Bold brides can mix their metals these days, too. A yellow gold band and platinum setting provide a dramatic setting for a brilliant stone. Half-moon shaped stones are a new cut in the bridal market; the flat edge is perfect for piling up bands so you can stay on the stacked ring trend with your engagement ring and wedding band.


Coloured Stones

A three-stone ring takes on a more contemporary vibe when you opt for coloured stones to complement the centre diamond. And here’s a secret–the centre stone doesn’t have to be a diamond. Some brides are skipping the diamond altogether and choosing only coloured stones for their ring. Stay in the same colour family–rubies and pink sapphires make a stunning and unique ring.


Old-Fashioned Cuts Are New Again

For brides who want something besides a princess (square inverted pyramid) or brilliant (round cushion) cut, you’re in luck. More traditional shapes are trending for the 2020s–ovals, pear, and marquise (pointed on both ends) cuts are showing up more and more on rings, often in a modern setting. Emerald cut diamonds are in the unusual position of being popular but rare–the cut demands a practically flawless stone, and so are more expensive than more forgiving cuts.

Modern Cuts Are Definitely New

Shield-cut stones, which are shield-shaped, are a not a new cut, as accent stones this one has been around awhile. As a centre stone in a modern setting, this proportional, somewhat asymmetrical cut makes a distinctive and elegant ring. You can create a geometry lesson with some modern accent cuts–rhomboids, triangles, hexagons, and parallelograms.


Asymmetrical Rings

Those shapes your mother would have loved in the 1980s take on a whole new twist in a 2019 setting–asymmetrical, mixed metal, with some coloured stones thrown in just for good measure. An oval-cut centre stone set on a rose gold band, combined with a platinum band set with pave diamonds, is modern and traditional at the same time.


Antique Rings

In a world where everything is shiny and new, some brides are opting for antique rings. Antique or vintage rings bring history to your story and are unique in a world of mass production. Old rings are intricately engraved or have lots of fancy filigrees, and often have several accent stones. These rings are usually white gold or platinum, and the stones are Old Mine or European cuts. Many diamond collectors prefer older stones for their sparkle and “inner fire”, and the fact that they are conflict-free.


Lab Diamonds

If antique rings aren’t your thing and you do want diamonds, consider lab-grown stones. Organically identical to mined diamonds, lab created stones are guilt-free, and better for the environment. Millennial brides are most interested in lab-grown diamonds, but other demographics are picking up on the trend. If you’re interested in a lab diamond, find a jeweller who deals in these conflict-free stones. They are treated like mined stones–you can choose your stone, and then either custom or stock setting.

This is such an exciting time for you and your fiancé, and there have never been more options in engagement rings. Whether you’re traditional, modern, or avant-garde, you’ve never had so many ring choices. Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers have a wide selection of stones, settings, and rings for your consideration, and have the experience and expertise to help you pick the perfect ring.

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