What Is the Best Metal for a Diamond Ring?

Ring metals were once a simple choice to make between yellow and white gold. Fast forward to the present day and you, as a buyer, have a whole range of possibilities to select from such as characteristics, price, setting metal and most important of all; durability – but how do you determine what ring metal is best suited to your engagement band? We have put together a guide to help you in selecting the right metal for this special ring.

White Gold

White gold being a more contemporary style than yellow, is made up of a combination between other alloy metals. These include pure gold mixed with copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium). The metal is then plated with a strong element called rhodium, which costs four times as much as platinum but allows the ring metal to resist scratches, tarnishing and gives the white gold its reflective appearance. In terms of ring durability, white gold requires quick reapplications from general wear and tear.

White gold is particularly suited to lighter skin tones as it complements fair and rosy skin types, but be mindful that white gold is not generally suited for olive and darker skin tones.


Yellow Gold

Elegant, beautiful and a widespread classic, yellow gold is the ring leader amongst all other types of gold is the most common choice for buyers in jewelry. Gold’s standard measurement is determined by karats, which is divided up into 24 parts, however pure gold is too soft to be used throughout jewelry which is why yellow gold combines certain metal alloys such as silver, copper, nickel and zinc to increase its strength and durability.

A benefit of choosing a yellow gold metal is the ability to tone down the colour within your engagement ring setting. Yellow gold also compliments dark and olive skin tones really well.

Rose Gold

Referred to as pink gold, red gold or Russian gold, the rose gold metal is a mixture of pure gold and copper alloy that produces the metal’s red and pink colour. Far more durable than yellow and white gold, a rose gold metal will maintain its sparkle and shine for a lifetime, therefore requires no reapplication if necessary and compliments every skin tone.


Platinum is known as the most expensive element and is five times as rare as gold when used in jewelry. With it comes a natural white metal colour which compliments the brilliance and shine of an actual diamond setting. Platinum’s shine will not decolourise due its high durability and density which requires no reapplication. This has seen it become a popular choice when buying a ring that compliments light skin tones.

So, what ring metal is best recommended?

The best choice of metal for your diamond ring will largely be based on the type of lifestyle and personal style of the wearer. Consider the durability of your metal choice and how it will wear based on their daily activities. It is also generally recommended that you spend more of your budget focused around a diamond to your liking.

At Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers, we can customise most ring designs to suit your preference. Speak to our expert Steve Richards for help selecting the right metal for your diamond ring.