What Is the Most Common Size Diamond for an Engagement Ring?

You’ve decided to pop the question, you’re looking for the perfect ring, but where do you start? Finding an engagement ring that achieves the wow factor, whilst staying within budget can be tricky. The age old guidance of ‘2 months salary’ may feel a little outdated and unhelpful, but several factors will still come into play when selecting your ring, most commonly of course is the size.

It may be useful to know that the most common size diamond for an engagement ring is 0.9 carat. Although a 1.0 carat is considered more popular in their demand, the significant price difference between this and a diamond just slightly under the 1.0 carat mark can be up to AU$2,000. This means you can often get a high quality diamond for significantly less if you’re willing to forego the status of a 1.0 carat.

Is bigger really better?

In short, no. In fact, it’s the cut of the diamond that determines the sparkle and brilliance. If it’s a stunning ring you are looking for, it’s worth noting that even the highest quality diamonds will not shine to their full potential is the cut is poor.

The size of the diamond’s appearance will also vary depending on hand size and shape of the diamond. So that difference of an extra 0.1 – 0.2 carats can mean sacrificing cut and quality and may not be worth the price that’s attached to a higher carat.

The cut can also alter how big the diamond appears. For example, a shallow cut diamond can appear bigger due to larger surface area, but with this you could be sacrificing depth and sparkle. Our guide to the 4 ‘C’s  will help guide you through what to think about before deciding on the carat.

Whilst a ‘big’ ring is considered to be around 2.5 – 3.0 carats, many prefer a beautifully cut diamond that is elegant and modest in size over a larger carat that strays out of budget, after all it’s what that ring represents that really matters – not the size and cost.

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