What Is the Most Popular Cut of Diamond Today?

Although jewellery trends change over time, favouring different metals or setting styles, we all know it’s the diamonds that are forever. But when it comes to diamond trends, it’s the cut that really defines a classic, with jewellery designers adopting cuts that have been around for centuries. These timeless shapes move with fashion and are revisited year after year, but which diamond cut is most popular on today’s market?

Boasting 58 facets that reflect an incredible amount of light, the round brilliant cut diamond is a classic cut that is by far still the most popular shape on the worldwide market. The perfectly faceted sphere surpasses the brightness and sparkle of any other diamond cut, making it an ideal choice for the center stone of an engagement ring.


Round cut diamonds reportedly account for over 70% of the total volume of diamonds sold, proving that this classic cut is able to stand the test of time. The simple versatility allows a round cut diamond to compliment a variety of jewellery pieces, settings and styles, meaning it’s not likely to lose its popularity any time soon and will remain a smart investment for years to come.

It’s no surprise that the most popular ring saved by Australians on Pinterest in 2017 was an art deco inspired round cut diamond solitaire ring on a rose gold band. According to Vogue, the image racked up over 103,900 saves and is still trending.

While the versatility of round cut diamonds means they’re most commonly used across a variety of jewellery pieces, when it comes to engagement rings, the princess cut follows closely in popularity. Compared to other square or rectangular shaped cuts, the princess cut’s symmetry allows more light to pass through, giving plenty of fiery brilliance. This dazzling royal cut compliments both elegant and casual dress styles, and is a more affordable option when comparing it to the round brilliant cut.

 The rising popularity of the pear

Round and princess cut diamonds have been popular for some time, and while they are still leading the way, brides opting for a less conventional cut have recently been gravitating towards engagement rings featuring a pear cut diamond center stone.

Over the past year, we’ve seen several high profile pear shaped diamonds grace the fingers of celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Sophie Turner, Paris Hilton and Kaley Cuoco. Often referred to a ‘teardrop’, this combination of a round cut and a marquise cut is a beautiful, elegant option offering a unique style.

                               Joe Jonas chose a pear shaped diamond cut when he popped the question to Sophie Turner. Photo: instagram.com/sophiet

The pear cut owes its popularity, in part, to a general shift in ring preferences as couples move away from high-carat styles, towards a more personal ring. Due to their elongated shape, the pear is also lighter in carat than it appears, meaning it is also a great option for smaller budgets.

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