What is the new trend in Rose Gold jewellery?

From jewellery to homewares, tech devices to hair colour, rose gold has been having a moment for some time. It’s increasing popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon and it’s no surprise, rose gold is a great choice of metal for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets due to it’s timeless elegance and versatility.

Known also as pink gold, red gold, or blush gold, rose gold is a gold alloy made up from a combination of gold and copper. The copper used in the mix is what gives the metal it’s rose colour, so depending on the ratio of gold to copper, the colour can range from orange-yellow to dusty pink or red-orange.

Rose gold as a trend is actually nothing new. The metal first became popular with Russian royalty in the 1800s, then again during the Mid-Victorian Era when pink signified the colour of romance, and rose-hued jewellery was the style of choice. The 1920s saw another resurgence when Cartier released their signature piece, the Trinity Band, featuring rose gold. Following this, during the WWII era the previously popular metal of choice, platinum, became scarce due its use for military purposes, and so rose gold was adopted on a wider scale once again.

In more recent years, fashion trends have embraced femininity and as such, romantic pink tones in jewellery have made their way back into the spotlight. Offering a softer alternative to yellow gold, and a bit more flair than white gold, rose gold creates a distinct look, complimenting spring and summer jewellery perfectly.

Unlike some bolder metal colours which tend to clash when worn together, rose gold is easy to pair alongside both yellow gold or white gold as part of a mixed-metal ensemble of rings or necklaces. Due to this versatility, many couples are opting for rose gold as their metal of choice within engagement rings and wedding bands. Reminiscent of vintage jewellery trends, rose gold works well when combining traditionalism and modernism in ring design.

Rose gold is often more affordable than yellow gold or platinum due to it’s alloy nature, yet another reason why this metal choice has become such a popular trend, used alongside a variety of gemstones. Soft pink and purple toned gemstones pair perfectly with rose gold, bringing out a glow within all skin tones. Diamonds, Fire Opal, Amethyst, Morganite, Kunzite and Moonstone all compliment rose gold incredibly well.

Caring for modern rose gold jewellery is also very straightforward. Generally, you will be able to clean your jewellery in the same way as any other gold items, lightly buffing the metal with a polishing cloth afterwards to remove any tarnishes. Antique rose gold, however, will require a little more care to avoid harming the gold coating.

The repeated revival of rose gold is a testament to it’s timeless appeal. While rose gold is very much on trend right now, there’s no doubt that new jewellery pieces made today will be passed on as precious heirlooms for generations to come, cherished as much as antique items worn today.

Many of our custom made jewellery can be made using rose gold, paired with the diamonds of your choice. Speak to our expert, Steve Richards, about creating a timeless rose gold piece for yourself or a loved one.