What To Consider When Selling Your Gold To Gold Buyers In Melbourne

Are you in need of some extra cash all of a sudden? Or maybe you have some old gold jewellery which you would like to sell off? Diamond Brokers offers you the most competitive prices for your gold and diamonds in Melbourne. Visit our website to find out how to get in touch. 

The process of selling your gold and diamonds in Melbourne should be simple, and stress-free. That’s the philosophy central to our service.

  1. The first thing you need to do is identify your gold, diamonds, and other valuable jewellery you’d like to turn into cash.
  1. Our professional gold valuer and certified gemmologists at Diamond Brokers give you an instant quote on your jewellery, taking into account the karat purity and the current market price of your metal.
  1. You leave feeling extremely satisfied; having sold your gold and diamonds for the best price in a safe and secure setting.


Here’s 5 tips to help you receive the most from your gold.


  1. Be prepared

If you want to sell your gold jewellery at the best price, it is important for you to research the current market price of your precious metals. The price of gold fluctuates with market demand. Gold Price charts the value of gold in Australia. Use this chart to research daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly price shifts in gold values. Research the prices other shops are offering you for your gold and jewellery too. Diamond Brokers offers its customers with the best quotes for all of their valuable jewellery. 


  1. Know about the buying-selling process

Research the seller too. Is your gold shop using the latest technology to quote your gold properly? If the equipment used to check your gold is old or outdated, you might not get the right valuation of your precious metals. At Diamond Brokers, our skilled professionals measure and test gold to the most amount of accuracy by using only the latest and best technologies and equipment. What’s more, this process is performed as you watch. This transparency combined with industry leading technology ensures you the most cash for your gold.


  1. Know your karats

You don’t need to be an experienced gold seller to have some basic knowledge about gold karats. Pure gold is most often mixed with other metals to create an alloy to give it durability and colour. One karat is equal to 1/24 of pure gold. It is necessary for a piece of gold to be at least 10 karats to be labelled as gold jewellery. If you know the karats of your gold, you can be more aware of the value of your jewellery when you sell it to gold buyers in Melbourne.


  1. Know your gold buyer

If you are looking to sell your gold and diamonds to a licensed gold buyer in Melbourne, it is important that you first read up about the gold buyer online. You can find reviews, referrals and recommendations. It is important to only sell your valuables to reputable and safe gold buyers. After doing this research, you can decide if the gold buyer is right for you.

Diamond Brokers in Melbourne’s CBD gives you the best prices for all your precious jewellery. Contact us to learn more and sell your gold and diamonds in a safe and stress free process.