When to Put the Engagement Ring Away Safe for a Little While

You are so ready to let the shiny stone out to play now that you have an engagement ring. However, now that you are engaged, there are still a few times when that ring needs a safe space to hide while you live your life. At the same time, there is such a thing as being too careful with your new expensive jewellery, so keep in mind it’s important to find a midway point between overprotective, and being not protective enough.

When to Stow the Ring

Beach Time and Swimming

Swimming pools may bring out the bright facets of your diamond, but they are full of harsh chlorine, which does no favors for precious gems and metals. Better to find a safe zippered pocket in your swim bag and keep it visible on the pool deck, preferably with a friend who is getting some sun. At the beach, sand and salt can accumulate on the ring, so that is another great time to protect it. It doesn’t hurt to slip it on for one or two photographs by the beautiful waves though; just make sure that it is secured right after. Not to mention that cold water makes you fingers shrink in size, so it is super easy for the ring to slip off into the depth of the oceans forever.

Working Out

During the months before the wedding, many women want to work out and tone their muscles to a level that makes them really stand out in a wedding dress. However, the ring probably shouldn’t accompany you to the gym! Sports and workouts increase the chance of damaging the ring or warping its shape, so leaving it at home is a good idea when you are ready to go work out. 


Even when cooking doesn’t have any impact on the ring itself, it is annoying to get a space of tomato sauce or a bit of flour stuck between skin and ring; at the very least, the ring will need washing off, and at the most, small bits will accumulate in the structure of the ring and require a professional cleaning. While a professional cleaning occasionally is a great idea for maintaining your ring, there is no reason to hasten the need for one. Slip the pretty diamond back on your finger right before you serve your gourmet meal and you’ll get the dazzling effect you love without getting it dirty in the process.


Cleaning chemicals may be routine around our homes, and we all want a great look for the home with showers, parties, and family visits during the engagement, but the ring should not participate in the cleaning frenzy. Chemicals can damage or tarnish metal, so unless you wear very strong gloves that won’t tear on the diamond ring, put the ring in a special place while you polish your home up to a shine.

Keeping the Ring Close

Hand washing

When doing routine hand washing with gentle soap, it’s actually fine to keep your ring on. The risk to the ring is almost nothing, and you avoid a much bigger risk: setting the ring down somewhere and forgetting it! Vogue reminds engaged ladies to get used to the feeling of having the ring on when washing one’s hands in a restaurant, because no one wants to leave their new treasure behind in the bathroom.

Even if it Seems Loose

While it is tempting to continually get your ring resized, it is actually recommended to wear your ring for a while before choosing to change its shape and size. What may feel loose or tight may just be part of the natural shifting of your hands based on the weather or time of day. While getting a ring resized is a great idea when you’ve made sure you indeed have a very loose ring on your hand, taking a little while to wear it and figure out how it feels on your finger is a good idea.

Have a Special Storage Spot, at Home and Out

With all these pieces of advice about when to wear the ring and when not to, it is essential to know where your ring is when it isn’t on that finger! It’s nice to have a ring stand or a specific place where you set your ring down when cooking or cleaning at home so that you never panic about where it is. When out, consider a special coin-purse-sized pouch or a pocket in your purse so that you will never misplace it.

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