White Diamond Colour Grades

White diamond Colour Grades

Colour grades

When buying an engagement ring, you will often hear about the 4c’s. One of the c’s refers to colour. Diamond colour describes the grading of the ring from D-Z.

White diamonds are graded from D-Z, to find out why, click here. D is of the highest value, while Z is of the lowest. As the grades move down the scale they tend to exhibit more colour than their counterparts closer to the D. White diamonds are the most appealing and diamonds graded D-F tend to be the most valuable.

To help you better understand the differences, we have compiled a short guide for your reference.

White diamond colour grades


D graded  diamonds are described as colourless, they are known for their dazzling sparkle and flawless colour. These spectacular diamonds are the highest grade possible and are therefore, extremely rare and incredibly valuable.


E graded diamonds are also considered colourless. They are almost indistinguishable from D colour diamonds.  E colour diamonds appear completely colourless to the naked eye and will appear white. A trained gemmologist can detect the colour, you will only see its remarkable sparkle.


Described as the last of the colourless grade. The F grade of colour may sit at the bottom of the colourless grade, but it simply cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. They will look stunning on your white gold, gold or platinum engagement ring. F colour diamonds are very popular.


Described as near colourless. It’s not surprising the G grade is one of the most popular diamonds for those looking for an exquisite diamond that offers both beauty and value. A trained gemmologist can detect colour and slight tinge may be apparent to the naked eye, but the sparkle of this precious gemstone will look spectacular in your engagement ring.


These diamonds are considered to be near colourless. H Grade diamonds are dazzling, near colourless stones. They have some colour but only evident to a genuine gemmologist and certainly not to the naked eye.


While not completely colourless and slightly detectable to the naked eye, I colour diamonds offer value for money that can be as dazzling as the diamond itself. A shrewd choice, these unique diamonds are a perfect fit for a stunning gold or rose gold setting.


J colour diamonds are near colourless. They are a stunningly smart selection and fantastic value for money. These near colourless diamonds remain undetectable to the untrained eye but their sparkle will look quite spectacular matched to yellow or rose gold.


This level of diamond has noticeable colour that is detectable to the naked eye. Usually a yellow tinge will be present in colours of this grading.


The poorest level of colour grade being strong, easily detectable colour. Fortunately these diamonds tend to be a lot cheaper and readily available. In some cases you might even be able to find a stone so tinged it could pass as a fancy diamond.

To summarise, diamonds graded D-F will produce the most white colour. G-J offers incredible value for money. K-Z will likely exhibit colour visible to the naked eye.

To maximise the sparkle of your engagement diamond we recommend making sure it matches the diamonds on the band. While an I coloured diamond is white and will sparkle it can sometime look a little dull if set in a band that has diamonds whiter than the centre stone.

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