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Celebrate Your Love With Anniversary Gifts That Sparkle

Anniversaries have always held special significance for a couple. Once upon a time, we increased the value of our gifts to happy couples based on the length of time that they have been together. A first-year anniversary earned paper as a gift. A couple that’s married ten years may receive tin or aluminium. Actual gemstones were not given until the couple was celebrating 25+ years together. Diamonds were reserved. Only given for engagement rings and gifts for those who were celebrating 60 years. We say times have changed! You can celebrate your love with anniversary gifts that sparkle, anytime you want. You can give whatever stone you feel is best!


The Early Years

In today’s world, there is no reason for a loving couple to receive paper and plastic in the earliest years of marriage. These are the honeymoon years, and they are special for the couple. A simple gold chain with a garnet pendant may be the perfect gift. It is affordable and as beautiful as she is. A necklace is also great for most women because it is something she can wear every day. You have your choice of metals and every gemstone will look great hanging in the middle of a pendant. This means you can put her birthstone, or yours, in the centre of a heart, or her child’s birthstone in an infinity sign. If you prefer to save the sparkling jewellery for later a pearl necklace is also a great choice during these tender years.


Celebrating 10+ Years of Marriage

Diamonds can now be given as a gift for 10 years of marriage. It is a milestone. You have adjusted to married life, hit a few bumps in the road, and come out a better couple for it. Both women and men can wear diamonds. An anniversary ring, a tennis bracelet with diamonds, and even earrings that are simple diamond studs can be ideal.

As the year’s pass, turquoise, jade, citrine, ruby, and aquamarine may all be suitable for to celebrate your life together. You will have your choice of beautiful settings for them. Some look even more beautiful paired with another stone or a smaller diamond.

20+ Years of Wedded Bliss

By twenty years, most families have kids that are nearly grown. This allows people to give gifts that are more delicate and fragile. Emerald is the gemstone that holds special appeal for this milestone anniversary. They are fragile and elegant. This makes them perfect for showing that your love is as strong today as it was the day you said, “I Do.”

Imperial Topaz and Tanzanite are two amazing gemstones to give during these years as well. Tanzanite is a recent discovery, found in the 1960s. It is outstandingly beautiful with its blue/violet tone.

As you approach 25 years, silver is the key. You will have the freedom to consider watches. These watches may complement one another. You can also choose matching chains, and so much more.

The Golden Years

Although the “Golden Years” will not come until the 50th wedding anniversary, you do not have to wait to give the gift of gold. Gold watches, necklaces, rings, and more are all acceptable. You can also use a lot of the same stones that you may have given during the early years. Diamonds, emeralds, and other stones show up in the later years as well. This makes it a great time to try out a new setting for a favourite stone from the early years.

For most people, money was tight when they proposed. For that reason, you can consider providing her with an upgraded engagement ring. You could even have someone use a gemstone that you gave for the first anniversary and give it a makeover. It can be updated with a new setting and turned into something she will cherish all over again. For the woman who has everything that she could want, these custom pieces will still ensure she melts. She will love that you put so much thought into her gift.

We know that anniversaries are special. At ADWB, we can suggest the best anniversary gifts and gemstones for your true love at the best prices in Melbourne. Simply contact us to learn more about how we can help you celebrate your love for one another. Take a look at our lab grown diamonds when considering an anniversary ring.



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